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[#12928] Written by: WoodfordSlim [21/01/07, 17:52]
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is there any chance someone could post the search, a uk channell 4 show a bit
like the amazing race/reasure hunters. any efforts will be much appreciated.
[#12990] Written by: Curb71 [22/01/07, 03:11]
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i got the.search.s01e01.ws.pdtv.xvid-carat from no other than bitmetv but have
not seen episode 2 yet. anything from carat wont show up here either. i cant
upload here obviously and its a waste of my time to upload a show on a public
tracker or demonoid.
[#13012] Written by: WoodfordSlim [22/01/07, 04:53]
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if thats the way you feel dude, no worries. is usenet a reliable source?
[#13034] Written by: idiotproof [22/01/07, 09:17]
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Quote by curb71
i got the.search.s01e01.ws.pdtv.xvid-carat from no other than
bitmetv but have
not seen episode 2 yet. anything from carat wont show up here either. i cant
upload here obviously and its a waste of my time to upload a show on a public
tracker or demonoid.

dude. that has to be the most incredibly selfish thing i've read today.
a waste of your time, yet you probably download many other people's wastes of time.
amazing. if someone requests a file that i might have, i'm only too happy to
spend 5/10mins uploading. they might then return the favour.
it doesn't happen that often so its not usually a problem.
maybe i'm retarded, but the concept of filesharing obviously means something
different to me than to you.

leechers who hit & run are a sad fact, so if only one person says thanks then
it's worth it.

might reconsider your attitude for a minute...
...er, yeah & upload 'the search' to demonoid while your at it...

[#13059] Written by: smorg [22/01/07, 13:47]
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if you have (or can get) an account at uknova then they have the 1st two
episodes. a lot of people (viewers and cappers) missed the 2nd episode as it
aired an hour earlier than scheduled and wasn't repeated until saturday hence
the delay.

(sorry, i can't put the uknova version on a public tracker or i'll get banned
from their site!)
[#13063] Written by: lusive [22/01/07, 14:18]
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yes you can. it's sharing the torrent itself that gets you banned.

quote from uknova faq:
theoretically, you may create a new torrent from the files you have downloaded
and upload that to a different tracker or newsgroup. some uploaders still don't
approve of this, though, so you should always try to get the original uploader's
permission before doing this. if a torrent is tagged 'internal' then the content
must not be shared outside of uk nova.
[#13110] Written by: Curb71 [22/01/07, 19:11]
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ok, if you want the harder to find stuff try joining a private site that
monitors users ratios. it does not take 5-10 minutes to seed the episode. it
would take hours since i only have about 45-50kb's upload speed.
[#13111] Written by: WoodfordSlim [22/01/07, 19:11]
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i dont think uk nova is taking memberships at the moment, either that or there
is a problem, either way im screwed. does anyone know when the show is
repeated in the week?
[#13203] Written by: smorg [23/01/07, 14:08]
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which episode are you actually wanting? or is it all of them?

i have the 2nd episode off uknova and if absolutely necessary i may be able to
put this on a public tracker but i can only upload at about 18k/s. the file is
600mb so would take a long time!

and to answer the question about the repeats:

the first showing each week is on sunday evening on channel 4 with the same
episode repeated the following saturday afternoon on channel 4. (i'm not sure if
there are any repeats on e4.)

just had a thought, if you don't mind paying 99p you can 'rent' episodes off
channel 4's new online service 4od. i'm a bit loath to pay for something off a
free to air/advert channel though!

further thought. i could post you episode 2 on cd, it would probably be quicker
than uploading on my slow connection!
[#13324] Written by: WoodfordSlim [24/01/07, 06:15]
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smorg dude your kind offer restores my faith in humanity but unfortumately i
have already sold my soul and paid the 99p to the channel 4 boatman to watch
all the eps i missed, thanks again though.
[#13361] Written by: smorg [24/01/07, 13:18]
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not a problem, glad i could help (well, sort of )

i was in the same situation as i missed the 2nd episode because it was on an
hour early and then managed to miss the repeat! the capper at uknova missed the
1st showing too but luckily he/she caught the repeat or i would have been paying
my 99p too.

i did try to convert the 600mb avi to 350mb last night for a quicker upload but
one minor glitch at the start of the original file had caused sound syncing
issues all the way through the converted file so its lucky you didn't need it

what does everyone think of this show so far?
i still prefer amazing race and treasure hunters.
[#13833] Written by: RS200 [27/01/07, 04:28]
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i actually think it is getting better as the show goes on (the less irratating
people are still in it??). i thought the "india" episode was pretty good (and
taught me a thing or two about indian history in the process which can't be bad)

i think the way that the teams can just "look" at what the other team is doing
is a bit strange - seems like a bit of "cheating" has been going on already as
one team will struggle like hell with a clue and then the other team will
somehow "know" straight away what the clue is about and be right on the tail of
the other team.

jamie theakston is not so bad as a host, his walking towards the camera while
describing the clues is very phil-like though ..

it's egypt on sunday! .. can't wait for that episode.

it is not as well filmed as the amazing race though - and i am finding amazing
race asia to be one of the best series i ever seen of it!. i am looking forward
to "amazing race all stars" for sure though :-) ... i am just so pissed that bj
and tyler are not in it.

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