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   Jack's brother, former terrorist?



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[#13243] Written by: colinpclee [23/01/07, 20:12]
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admin edit: spoilers below! do not read if you haven't seen the last episode!

was it just me or the actor playing jack's brother really looks like some
coordinator person in season 4 or 5? y'know, the one also bald and wearing a
headphone talking to terrorists?

i did some check, but nothing comes up.
[#13245] Written by: sCifI3001 [23/01/07, 20:31]
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yep sure was

he was the man behind it all, telling that pussy president what to do, selling
gas to russians etc,

as clarified, when he said we tried to kill him b4 the chinese got him

i think we will find he has been behind more over the last few seasons. . .
[#13250] Written by: colinpclee [23/01/07, 21:08]
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well, there is an irony.
thanks a lot.
[#13253] Written by: n3l87 [23/01/07, 21:22]
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he hasn't switched characters. it's the same one as before. it's just now you
know how he's connected to it all.

i do have to say though that they've done a horrible job matching those things
together in this episode. or else they think we're stupid that we wouldn't
understand it this time around, and are doing it next episode. we'll wait and see.
[#13262] Written by: Shatterpulse [23/01/07, 22:03]
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we know jack meets his father in the next ep because of the preview fox played
after this ep. so the question now is, is jack's father a terrorist?
[#13287] Written by: davidok2 [24/01/07, 01:52]
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lets hope jack kills the cunt with a plastic bag or eats out his jugular.. what
ever suits me.

it's interesting to see who he is working for though, obviously some
multinational oil corporation.

whats more interesting is jack's father.. the man behind the man
[#13313] Written by: jonmv [24/01/07, 04:39]
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u thing it is donald sutherland who is playing jacks father?
[#13391] Written by: Shatterpulse [24/01/07, 15:20]
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Quote by jonmv
u thing it is donald sutherland who is playing jacks father?

no, because in the 2 min preview for the next ep that aired after this weeks ep
they showed him. too bad tho, that would be cool.
[#13458] Written by: topoopon [25/01/07, 01:26]
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jack's dad is played by james cromwell (in "babe" and "star trek:first
last season jack's brother was the mysterious "bluetooth" doing all the behind
the scenes stuff. played by paul mccrane (used to be on er).
[#13466] Written by: colinpclee [25/01/07, 02:13]
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yeah, in the interview with larry king, kiefer already cleared up that his
father is not going to appear in 24.

donald sutherland used to be in a chinese movie, that's when i first knew him.

it's a shame he could not be in the show.
[#13488] Written by: WoodfordSlim [25/01/07, 06:05]
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jacks brother was also in robocop, as was whatshisface from last season,
wonder if any more classic actors will be dragged up this yeah, what was that
guys name, damn.
[#13546] Written by: God [25/01/07, 13:59]
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robocop.. which one?
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