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[#13323] Written by: WoodfordSlim [24/01/07, 06:13]
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has anyone clocked that sky have showed the last 2 episodes in the wrong
order, jokers!
[#13327] Written by: Xeryus [24/01/07, 06:25]
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once again, it is not in the wrong order.

production order != correct airing order. see atlantis' 3rd season for proof.
[#13328] Written by: WoodfordSlim [24/01/07, 06:31]
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actually you are wrong, they are the wrong order in last weeks episode things
from this weeks are mentioned, hell when i was watching last week i thought it
was strange that merlins device was suddenly working, now it makes sense after
seeing the episode that should have been first.
[#13338] Written by: Xeryus [24/01/07, 07:39]
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spoilers may be in this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

actually, in this weeks ep, sam was trying to improve it's effectiveness.

last week, sam tested it on a building before moving to something much larger.

you clearly are a tad confused or forgetful.
[#13339] Written by: WoodfordSlim [24/01/07, 08:20]
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actually no, if in last weeks episode sam could make a building disappear why
in this weeks is she back to making the contents of a room disappear, the
episode the road not taken is clearly
referenced at the very begining of line in the sand by cam mitchell.

you say .last week, sam tested it on a building before moving to something
much larger.
yet this week she is experimenting on something much smaller(her lab)although
she does say she is trying to get the device to effect much larger things i
still think she is referring to moving up to a building becasue she hasnt done
that yet, it is only when she gets sucked into the other dimension and the ori
threat becomes apparent as well as the amount of power that the us can provide
that she tries it on the earth, that is not her original experiment.

if sam and cam had managed to hide from a prior in that building then why in
the next episode is sam
suddenly trying to figure out how it works. i mean in the line in the sand
she states that the only difference between small and large things is the
power requirement.

also check out cam mitchell first line in the episode line in the sand, and
tell me that it isnt odd, unless of course he knows sam has already hidden a

i think im right, i could be wrong, i dont really care anymore anyway, they
were both good episodes. i guess well see what order they air in the us, oh
and by the way just as an aside i really dont trust sky as they quite often
air things in the wrong order, hell even the dvd box set of series 1 is
missing an episode so it is possible.
[#13343] Written by: Xeryus [24/01/07, 08:58]
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cam: "i'm telling you sir. a few tweaks here and there, we'll be able to hide
anything we want. troops. ships. planets."

sam: "its a lot more complicated than that sir. but i do think we're ready for a
large scale test."

if 'line in the sand' was supposed to follow 'the road not taken' then sam would
have already done it on a planetary scale.

in "the road not taken", she was working on a way to make the device safer and
have greater control over its field size (force shield).

if this were shown the other way round, it would make no sense in the same way
that called for the recent sequence of atlantis' episodes - re: the character
[#13344] Written by: WoodfordSlim [24/01/07, 09:29]
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you make some good points, its just the way cam looks at carter when he says
it, when i watched line in the sand i thought right away that it was missing
an episode before it, also carter refers to the "large scale test" because she
needs to rig a different power source to the one used in 'the road not taken'
and hammond wouldnt accept test results from another dimension, he would need
to see them for himself, but you may well be right, im not convinced but i
also dont really care anymore, as i say they were both good episodes and m
really looking forward to next weeks.

i sure as hell aint confused, although i am often forgetful, and possibly
completely wrong.
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