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[#42409] Written by: aydin1954 [23/06/07, 13:57]
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Quote by aydin1954
sigh unfortunately i have to agree the twit infestation did not
get one iota
better since the bbs days.... sigh...

Quote by thejanet
gee, and when i say something about the bbs days, or the well,
or fidonet, etc.,
people call me older than god. are you sure you're not older than god, too?

yeah i might be older than god he he as i did write my own bbs software with the
help of a friend for the machine language part to manage i/o and the ascii
express files transfer emulator. i think we were among the first to have it back
then embedded in a bbs. and the sider hd with a whopping 5 mb.
[#42411] Written by: God [23/06/07, 14:20]
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Quote by novaking
i miss my bbs days.. terminatorbbs, 300baud modem speaker cable
cut as to not
make noise at 4am in the morning, ahh those were the days indeed.

oh yeah, what is this thread about?

yeah you guys are probably older than i am. this thread was made mainly as a
forum within a forum for me to rant. i haven't had any complaints otherwise so
i hope it's okay. this allows me to keep on bumping up the same post instead of
creating new ones every time i think of a topic to rant, discuss, or debate on.
[#42461] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [23/06/07, 19:15]
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sounds fun. enjoy your micro sub mini forum or whatever you wish to call it.
[#42543] Written by: aydin1954 [24/06/07, 13:52]
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this one is precious cornering the retard of the week award.

somebody who shall remain unnamed posted in the admin corner - good links for
newbies where we do clearly ask not to post requests asking when

lost s03e24

will be released.

no need to look as i removed it....but had to mention it.
[#42748] Written by: jayeff [25/06/07, 22:24]
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i pretty much stopped reading this thread around post 30 or so (maybe a little
further), and i just want to say kudos to god for keeping a post about him going
so long. i don't even know what it's really about anymore, but it's still going.
[#42761] Written by: God [25/06/07, 23:45]
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well the original intention was supposed to be a post about me exclusively..
like flaming me etc.

but it got sidetracked to just general topics that i want to bring up or
discuss.. that's my fault for getting sidetracked but it holds relevance to my
purpose on the forums so i'll go with it =p

[#42927] Written by: God [27/06/07, 09:30]
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i'm really a nice fellow! ask everyone!

lemme sound off on the benoit story. i don't much care for "wrestling" if you
can even call it that. it's entertainment i understand but it ceased to be
even that after stone cold and the rock bolted. i think they were thinking the
same thing.. loss of credibility.

but, if what they say is true.. and this benoit guy killed his wife and kid.
then he should be an afterthought and should not have been paid the tribute he
was paid. shame on the wwe.. wcw.. whatever it is (sorry i'm ignorant on that
fact so forgive me).. vince yeah.. shame on him for allowing it.

and lemme also vent a little on the people who still think wrestling like wwe
is real. it's laughable really. i have people in their 50s who still think
that everything that goes on is literally real. i mean i have a friend who
took a day off to mourn vince's "death". and then when it was found out that
he was fine, he was like.. "it's a miracle.. thank god". i mean come on heh.
sorry to burst your bubble if you still think it's real =p

breaking news.. santa claus, the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy are all fake
[#42938] Written by: aydin1954 [27/06/07, 10:08]
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once more the world is full of gullible people and will always be... and if i
can convince you dear sir to buy this magnificent leaning tower? i make you a
really, really good price only for you...

to think people still fall for the nigerian scam...
[#42942] Written by: Elrad135 [27/06/07, 10:18]
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Quote by god
breaking news.. santa claus, the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy
are all fake

*snif* you just broke my world
[#42944] Written by: God [27/06/07, 10:22]
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don't worry elrad!! teenage mutant ninja turtles are still real! they're just
too fast in their ninja ways to be noticed.
[#42945] Written by: God [27/06/07, 10:24]
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edit: wwe took the tribute down and wiped his profile.

so i take back the "shame on wwe" on this matter =p
[#42946] Written by: Elrad135 [27/06/07, 10:25]
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shouldn't have done the tribute in the first place imho, but well...
[#42947] Written by: Praetorian [27/06/07, 10:28]
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the tribute was made before the evidence/facts of the case became apparent.
that is why there was a tribute, wwe didn't know what had happened, they only
knew him and his family were dead.
[#42951] Written by: Elrad135 [27/06/07, 10:43]
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in that case then, i retract what i said
[#43302] Written by: Trinexx [29/06/07, 14:40]
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holy hell, this thread is still alive? god, how much have you been bumping this
thing? xd
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