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[#43311] Written by: God [29/06/07, 15:53]
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Quote by trinexx
holy hell, this thread is still alive? god, how much have you
been bumping this
thing? xd

everytime i think of something to say hehe. hey i've fully admitted that i'm
just gonna keep on bumping this thread up as i see fit =p
[#43432] Written by: God [01/07/07, 03:56]
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i like when people tell me not to comment on things if it's not a "good"
comment. i mean.. isn't that the whole point of a forum? =p

and they make royal asses of themselves by trying to spar with me verbally which
is self defeating in and of itself. but i say.. let them because they've
exposed themselves every single time they write something. they will
consistently sink lower and lower and not even know it. it's like watching a
blind man attempt to play basketball.. they try but ultimately they fail.

"if you don't like something, don't comment on it" take a reality check buddy..
you've just contradicted yourself by commenting negatively on my comment =p
[#43818] Written by: drib [03/07/07, 11:23]
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i still say this thread beats the hell out of buying a newspaper to read. at
least i get a daily smile here. these threads are all about opinions and
everyone has one. if someone doesn't agree with yours, it doesn't make you or
them wrong.

the simple fact is if people can't come to a forum like this and share
feelings, emotions and words without trying to get involved in a conflict of
words, it's a sad state of affairs.

i don't always agree with god in this forum, but i agree with him 100%
here...if you don't like reading about him, don't open this thread. reading
pages of comments then complaining about it is somewhat redundant, is it not?

he has simply given you the option to avoid most of his comments if you are so
inclined. but to intentionally seek him out then complain about his posts is
the true waste of bandwidth.

as always, this is my opinion, but i will continue to get my daily smile here,
hopefully for a very long time.
[#43823] Written by: aydin1954 [03/07/07, 12:02]
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from today on the twits and whiners shall be known as tamagotchis

sorry had to get it out my chest after dealing with a gaggle of them today.
[#43835] Written by: God [03/07/07, 13:20]
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that's awesome. i think aydin's adopted this thread as his personal rant
thread too =p

i don't mind sharing my "room" with aydin.. he's a nice fellow. to thee, i
say.. rant away and hold nothing back.
[#43840] Written by: aydin1954 [03/07/07, 13:47]
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i so like this thread that i make it a sticky.
[#43891] Written by: TVFAN [03/07/07, 20:18]
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Quote by aydin1954
from today on the twits and whiners shall be known as tamagotchis

sorry had to get it out my chest after dealing with a gaggle of them today.


[#44327] Written by: jc [07/07/07, 02:39]
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the fact that this thread got stickied made my day. beautiful.
[#44329] Written by: aussiemadmum [07/07/07, 03:02]
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here, here!!!!!

so say us all!!
[#44398] Written by: dipstick [07/07/07, 15:50]
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Quote by aussiemadmum
here, here!!!!!

it's hear hear (as in expression of agreement)

[#44410] Written by: aydin1954 [07/07/07, 16:51]
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don't be a smart aleck. thank you.
[#44569] Written by: God [09/07/07, 00:03]
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yesh.. being a smart aleck is a title that i hold.. and no one else =p
[#45561] Written by: damdam [15/07/07, 23:46]
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Quote by god
(4) people who thank the eztv staff. "thanks from greece!!!"
"thank you eztv from bolivia!!" admittedly i'm too picky on this one.. but i
just find those words hollow and disingenuous. if you're truly thankful, seed
or respond
financially. saying thanks is just clogging up valuable space and page load

it had to be said. here's a gift ==>
[#45625] Written by: God [16/07/07, 10:48]
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hehe cute =)
[#46672] Written by: aydin1954 [22/07/07, 18:36]
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ok this thread looks dead so i shall unstick it so maybe it'll become alive or
if not it means it has run its natural course.
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