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   Opinions on Season 6 of 24



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[#33059] Written by: drib [04/05/07, 10:41]
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just trying to generate a bit of a discussion here...

first, i'm a huge fan of 24! i have purchased all 5 seasons and have
downloaded all of season 6 so far. the writing for me has always been top
notch and the power of bauer is unsurpassed.

that being said, is it just me or is this season lagging? i have almost found
it boring. i hate to say anything negative about this show because i love it,
but this season just seems to lack something to me. it has focussed a lot of
presidential and political shenanigans, and it almost seems like kiefer
sutherland has become bored with the role.

when there is action, jack bauer seems to have lost the human element and has
somehow become james bond where he is the only one that can save the world and
that terrorists will give up if we sacrifice jack to their evil clutches. it
really lacks a lot of realism to me this year.

i am also hearing rumors that sutherland now feels at 40, that perhaps he is
getting too old for the role. i hope the series will go on for many years as
long as they can continue with the quality they have produced in the past. do
you think 24 can survive without jack bauer? they will certainly be big shoes
to fill.

when i look back at season 1 it was about a man trying to save his daughter
and wife while still doing his job at ctu (not knowing they were linked). it
was suspenseful and exciting...now, it's like we are running out of
apocalyptic events for jack to save the world from. nerve gas, nuclear bombs,
terrorists...have they gone too far to go back to the simpler elements that
made jack bauer a character we could relate to?
[#33078] Written by: jayeff [04/05/07, 12:05]
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edit: i realize, during the course of my explanation, i reveal spoilers from
season 6, both from early in the season and from just a few weeks ago. so,
spoilers might be ahead, fair warning.

24 has really gone downhill. instead of doing something new and original, all
the writers have done was use the same old trite plot devices again and again.
there have been so many 'twists' that we can see them coming. the "dun dun dun,
he/she is really working with the terrorists" have been used many times over,
and it's just getting lame.

secondly, in the past few episodes, the writers have committed character rape on
jack. he's the one that let a man die on the operating table for national
security, and now he's handing contraband over to the terrorists. he went from
the flawed hero that would risk one life for the sake of others, to a romantic
man, who cares about one, despite the many.

moreover, an article on salon.com from the "i like to watch" column summed up
the show better than i could:

"that's why monday night's "24" was so jarring. but the episode didn't just
compromise jack's integrity as a character; it threw the entire premise of the
show out the window. season after season, jack bauer and the other ctu agents
are faced with a crisis that they're forced to solve in the course of one very
bad day. sure, there are subplots and subcrises and twists and turns along the
way, but the main challenges facing jack aren't conquered until the end of the

in this sixth season, not only is the main story a little weak -- a nuclear bomb
levels valencia, and all we see of it is an airplane that has crashed onto a
rooftop? -- but we keep getting diverted by extemporaneous subplots that feel
far removed from the action: we didn't even know jack had a brother, and
suddenly we're watching him torture the guy? former president logan has useful
information on the russians, but then he gets stabbed by the former first lady,
martha? president wayne palmer's sister's boyfriend, walid, spies on some
muslims, finds out that they're completely innocent, and then disappears? milo
and nadia at ctu alternately flirt and take turns appearing to be a mole? how do
any of these stories really matter?


so, yea, it's not just you, the quality of the show has gone down hill. but
sufferland is in a contract til like 2109, so i really hope the producers fire
the writers for next season, and get rid of the ctu and presidential plots, and
bring the show back to basics.
[#33080] Written by: Elrad135 [04/05/07, 12:06]
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too much torture... no originality in the script... that's what i think of
season 6, too bad, i loved the first five.
[#33087] Written by: keiko [04/05/07, 12:58]
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i have to say i'm disappointed.

there is something missing and i can't really figure out what it is.
and i don't like most of the new characters, they piss me off. and this whole
thing with an evil vice president.. we've seen it before. it's so old and boring

but, i will keep watching and hope for it to get better. and if it doesn't i
hope they never make another season of 24, and if they do i hope it is the beast
season of a tv-show mankind has ever known
[#33093] Written by: n3l87 [04/05/07, 13:15]
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keifer's contract is for 8 seasons, and he has said before that he will stay
until that contract is up, and then he's out.

as for this season, it started off a little unexpected. i never thought they
would actually allow the terriorists to set off a nuke. but from that point on,
it was predictable and at times out right boring. it's becoming more of a soap
opera-esk show every week.
[#33112] Written by: TVFAN [04/05/07, 14:50]
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as repetitive as it may be, it's still better than most shows on today.
[#33136] Written by: n3l87 [04/05/07, 15:52]
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eh. i still say house rules all.
[#33140] Written by: jayeff [04/05/07, 16:15]
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house has dropped in quality too, since the first season. every character on the
show now tries to psychoanalyze the guy, and most of the time their wrong. so,
instead of seeing an interesting character do interesting things, we see his one
dimensional counterparts say stupid things.

also, i really dislike wilson on that show. seriously, i can't stand the character.
[#33144] Written by: drib [04/05/07, 16:50]
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lol...i also like house a lot. and i'm happy to see my feelings shared on 24
by so many others...i thought i was just getting old and cynical. but it does
seem very repetitive to me as well...which is what i found so surprising. it
was always cutting edge with keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat over
what will happen next. the first four episodes were pretty good this season,
but then things seemed to dwindle off into nowheresville.

i was really shocked last season when so many major players were killed off. i
thought it would mean huge changes for jack this year. maybe back in the dept
of defence or something like that. but he just came back to ctu and life went
on as usual. one funny thing here...he's been back saving the world for 20
hours and he hasn't made a phone call to his daughter yet to tell her he's
alive and back in the usa? hey...jack lives on the phone.

anyways, i agree with all here. i still love the show and really hope it kicks
ass next season. with only 4 episodes left in season 6, most of the season has
been a waste for me.even if they have the best cliff hanger ever...it seems a
waste watching a whole season for it.
[#33152] Written by: jst25 [04/05/07, 17:43]
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the problem with 24 is trying to have continuity between season. it just gets
more and more ridiculous every time the same character saves the world in one day.

house is good, but this season has me worried. all the stuff about house and
the cop and drugs...i don't know. er was a great medical show that turned into
a terrible soap opera--i wouldn't be surprised if the same thing happens to house.
[#33153] Written by: super12 [04/05/07, 17:52]
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Quote by jst25
all the stuff about house and
the cop and drugs...i don\'t know.

i never really liked house until this season, i think with this show the writing
has got better while so many other shows are floundering.
[#33166] Written by: n3l87 [04/05/07, 20:31]
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i think the cop thing with house was great. i think the character was a bastard,
but the ideas they were trying to get across to the audience were necessary.
there was a lot more to the story under the surface.
[#33176] Written by: wasabiboys [04/05/07, 21:51]
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24 and the shield are the 2 best shows on television bar none. watching anything
else just isnt as good.

this season of 24 is not over yet so i would not judge it.
[#33186] Written by: jayeff [04/05/07, 23:52]
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Quote by wasabiboys
this season of 24 is not over yet so i would not judge it.

the main plot line has already been wrapped up, now what we're seeing is just a
sub-plot that stale, and compromises the very nature of jack bower. i don't need
to watch more episodes of this season to realize its the worst of the six. don't
get me wrong, i'm gonna watch them anyway, but i already know it's not going to
be that great.

as for the shield, that's just gotten better with time. vic is what jack was:
the flawed hero that'd sacrifice his well being for the good of many. the greed
and corruption was always to protect his family and do what ever the greatest
good was for his family and for the city, like jack's decisions were always made
to protect his country. but, with this new tangent jack's been thrown out on,
he's just not the same character anymore; and it's all because the writers
needed a stale new twist.

so, yea, i get the idea that we need to judge it by whole seasons, but come on,
there's absolutely nothing the 24 writers can do to redeem themselves from the
mistakes they made this season.
[#33187] Written by: fishlips357 [05/05/07, 00:11]
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i'm finding 24 really boring this season. they resolved the terrorist thing too
early and now have that assinine thing with the chinese and the russians. who cares?

but this season i'm truly fed up with house. i used to be an avid fan of the
show the first season. they started losing me last season with those ridiculous
7 episodes about stacy. this season, everything's felt off. the writing, the
humor, the moronic arc with the cop. house seems less like a genius this season
and more like a punk. the humor is forced and i cannot, repeat, cannot stand
cuddy or cameron at all. wilson is a major pain in the ass and i couldn't care
less if foreman and chase were on fire.

the one thing that has me very happy this season is the shield. it's been really
good this season. does anyone know if there will be only 10 episodes?

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