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   Trackers running fine again now.



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[#57151] Written by: [21/09/07, 16:12]
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sorry we decided to change the way the trackers work and, in the process, for a
little while, tracker1 became tracker2 and tracker2 became tracker1... (the ones
on the istole.it domain)

so no torrents were registered to the correct trackers.. causing the message
"unregistered torrent" from the tracker.

we have switched the trackers databases around now so everything should be fixed
[#57174] Written by: SantaBJ [21/09/07, 18:55]
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we = they, as in not "us" as in not eztv. how many times must i reiterate this -
we (eztv) do not host trackers. people we know do. some host them for us
specifically, we thank them for that. but we don't run them. i guess that means
azriel is not "we" right now
[#57181] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [21/09/07, 19:35]
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that is correct, azriel always thinks when people host trackers for us that it
becomes ours and we own it. i always find it amusing

but yes, the admin of the trackers has done some kind of switch between
trackers or something which should be able to handle more peers on bigger
torrents. i guess after prison break got more than 200k completes and 100k and
concurrent peers that they wanted to make sure their servers would survive. i
don't blame them, i would be worried to shit, lol.
[#57186] Written by: TVFAN [21/09/07, 20:11]
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thanks guys.
[#57189] Written by: Zetetic [21/09/07, 20:26]
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the last time eztv ran a tracker it got a huge and immediate (d)dos attack.

and it was a good thing.
[#57266] Written by: SantaBJ [22/09/07, 06:49]
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hmm...did we ever run a tracker? o_o

must've been before my time.
[#57296] Written by: aydin1954 [22/09/07, 11:11]
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jurassic eztv?
[#57344] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [22/09/07, 18:42]
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must of been before my time as well, i don't remember us ever running one either
[#57345] Written by: SantaBJ [22/09/07, 18:56]
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since zetetic remembers it i guess it must've been immediately after tvt and
btefnet went down. probably before we even got a site
[#57352] Written by: [22/09/07, 19:27]
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i don't remember it either..

and yes "we".. in the most general sense of the word.. "we of this planet"
[#57360] Written by: Zetetic [22/09/07, 19:45]
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some of you have poor memories and some of you are too new.

mrmuffin set it up, didn't last long, a few days at most, pretty sure azriel
wasn't on hiatus at the time, novaking may not have been a member though santabj
was around but might not have had any position.
[#57363] Written by: [22/09/07, 19:52]
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i vaguely vaguely remember something like that
[#57385] Written by: NovaKing (Administrator) [22/09/07, 22:21]
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yeah i definitely don't think i was part of the team at that time, i would have
remembered something like that.
[#57460] Written by: SantaBJ [23/09/07, 15:00]
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